Tis the Season at 302


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The works of a great German chocolate cupcake!

Christmas is by far our FAVORITE holiday here at 302, so we go a little over board. It is the week before thanksgiving and we have already made a Christmas CD for the car and hit up our favorite seasonal decorative store Hobby Lobby. The date is set to put up all the decorations and we couldn’t be more excited!

Caley has even started her holiday baking, this week she decided to practice her cupcake baking skills. She started out with a German chocolate cupcake; the first batch was only a minor set back. After a quick run to the store she was back in the baking game, busy at work in the kitchen. I would have loved to be in there right next to her but unfortunately I had to watch from a far as I slaved away on my paper. A word to the wise, don’t ever write a 14-page paper over the Israel-Palestinian conflict, it’s painful.

This weekend we are gearing up again for some high school “hondo” action in good old Seminole, Oklahoma. Caley’s alma matter is in the state playoffs and we will be there for front row action. I can’t wait to back road, shoot skeet and have some small town fun with my favorite ladies! Stay tuned for next week my step-dad is having knee surgery, so I will be at his beckoning call all Thanksgiving! Say some prayers!


The Official Review


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Us being silly!

Some of the girls

Kappa Delta every two years has an official visit from someone from nationals, luckily my pledge class will have gotten two in our years here at OSU, which most people would complain about but I for some reason enjoy the official visit exam. It forces us to become reacquainted with ritual information and the principles of which kappa delta was founded. As a new member we are required to take a new member test and pass in order to be initiated, so it’s easy to remember all of the information you once had memorized. A few weeks ago we had an official visit exam review and it was evident from the practice that no one was ready, including the newly initiated freshmen. This was very disappointing to the older members, so 302 decided to hold a review session for our pledge class.

We wanted our pledge class to blow away the KD from nationals, since it was obvious from the practice no one else would be. The night was planned, wine of course was a must for this review session, I sent out a few tweets and posted in our pledge class Facebook about the event at 302. We had so much fun I tried to lead the review and for the most part we did get a little bit accomplished, but we kept getting off on tangents. It had been so long since we had all gotten together to hangout, so it was nice to catch up with everyone and bond once again. We drank wine and played games all night, and the laughs were plentiful and never stopped. I would say all in all it was a successful evening!

The official visit exam rolled around last Monday and we rocked it, the younger pledge classes surprised me and were on their toes. We got a perfect score and nothing but positive feedback from Meredith (KD from nationals). The good news is there wont be another official visit for another two years, so the upperclassmen are home free!

The Installment



The leaning fence!

Our newest edition!

With over 80,000 people in town for the homecoming festivities, there seems to be a lot of people roaming around the town-drunk people that is. On the Friday night of homecoming somehow our precious little white picket fence got “pushed” over and was lying flat in our side yard. I was abruptly woken up the next morning by Emily busting into my room telling me all about the mishap. Of course the first thing my roommates would both think is someone was trying to break in. For those of you who don’t know Emily and Caley by now, let me just describe to you that they are probably the biggest “scardey cats” I have ever met. They both get freaked out every night when going to sleep, Emily insists on checking her closet each evening for bad guys, and Caley makes me look out her windows to make sure no one is looking in. About 70% of the time they both end up sleeping together just to be sure they are safe, as I lie in my room, which may I add is the most vulnerable room in the house.

After a night of post homecoming fun we all woke up on Sunday morning to a big surprise. A windowpane on our screened in porch was pulled out and mysteriously our walls were covered in Dr. Pepper. When I say covered I mean someone went Indy 500 on those bad boys, Dr. Pepper was in every crack and cervices of our kitchen and sprayed over the entity of our living room walls. Naturally Emily and Caley are instantly freaked out and calling the police to report a potential break in. After telling the not-so-helpful-cop about the weird incident the girls were on their phones with their parents making them go into panic mode. I still thought there was a logical explanation for all of this decided to let it slide and not be affected by it. So the week starts and I think that all has been forgotten, boy was I in for a rude of awakening.

After an exhausting day of school and being on campus from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. last Thursday, I was ready to come home and start my weekend by relaxing. Little did I know that as soon as I walked in the door I would be bombarded with the installment- of the alarm system that is. I was instantly greeted by workers drilling and configuring the alarm system, and lucky me the central hub is right outside my bedroom so a nap was not in my future.  Once installed we got the complete run down of how it all works, let’s just say I don’t use it too often (too many buttons).

All in all I am glad that the girls have gotten some piece of mind since the installment of our newest addition to 302. I can honestly say I feel safer at night with it on, granted I am more afraid of the thing going off than I am of an actual burglar trying to break in! I guess I will just have to deal with it, oh the joys of 302…got to love it!

It’s Finally Here!


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Preparing- 2 a.m.

One of the moving parts finished!

Homecoming has come and gone and the nine weeks of preparation has paid off. With over 80,000 alumni and visitors retuning to the campus for the celebration, it is imperative everything is in pristine shape around town, including the house decks. All of the Greek houses participating in the homecoming have exactly 26 hours to prepare their decks for judging. Thus why we have all night pomp (ANP). This special evening is when the sororities and fraternities pump themselves full with caffeine to stay up all night, and put together their house decks they have been working on so diligently since the semester started.

This year our homecoming directors announced to us that we would be working shifts of ANP, which is totally awesome considering that it rarely happens to most houses. So my friends and I thought it would be fun to take the 2-5 a.m. shift, a great idea at the time we signed up. But making it to 2 a.m. was a struggle for us, Red Bull, NOS, and 5-hour energy’s were plentiful at 302. My poor mother, bless her heart, insisted she be apart of the festivities and planned to stay up with us all night. She was quite the trooper, making it all the way until 4 a.m. Once we all got to Farm House there wasn’t much for us to do, so what better than to have a dance party? I am sure we looked like a bunch of middle school kids dancing on their front porch stairs for everyone to see, but what do we care? We hit all the popular songs from artists such as Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller, even a special request from the boys on the boom lift “Booty Wurk” by T-Pain featuring Joey Galaxy. There is a short video clip that I managed to snag while the boys were performing, enjoy:

Although we didn’t win big like we hoped, I think it’s safe to say we all had a great time at homecoming this year. Now the count down begins for next year…can’t wait!

Putting a Little Pep in Our Step


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Caley working diligently on the sign!

Girls cheering on the team during football frenzy!

Homecoming is slowly approaching and it’s time to add the finishing touches. It’s a week away from the nation’s biggest homecoming celebration and a lot is yet to be done! This weekend part of the festivities began for the Greek life category. Football frenzy is a flag football tournament where all of the participating Greek houses team up with their HoCo house and play for the title. We really want to win sweepstakes this year so making it far into football frenzy is a big deal. Spirit points are also taken into account in the total of sweepstakes, so I decided to volunteer to help out with spirit ideas. I was a cheerleader for 15 years so this sort of stuff is right up my alley. Caley and I both former cheerleaders came up with a lot of great plans, we decided we would make a run-through banner for the team to parade through before the games started. Little had we forgotten how long it takes to craft out a decent banner, luckily we were getting pomping hours for the time we spent working on the sign. Six hours later we had our finished product.

We decided to spice things up for football frenzy, we really wanted to do something that would get us noticed, one sure way is jock-jams and a boom box. It was such a hit, everyone was pumped up even the players. We had all of the oldies like “the Macarena” and “YMCA.” The Kappa Delta’s rolled out for the event, I think it’s safe to say we were the most spirited all weekend- but of course I am partial! It’s a big week next week, so much to do and to wrap up. Can’t wait to experience the greatest homecoming in the nation! Go Pokes!!!

Ladies’ Night at #302


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One of my roommates and my favorite things to do together is to drive around Stillwater blaring our favorite songs, while singing at the top of our lungs. We have recently become obsessed with country singer Jason Aldean’s hit song, “This I Gotta see.” The song is about a guy who is going through country towns and back roads to see his girl and how he can’t wait to see her sitting on the porch with a sweet tea in his sweatshirt. It seems like such a sweet idea and shows the simplicity of country life, this inspired us to take a step back from our busy schedules and enjoy the simplicity of a relaxing evening.

Last week was so busy for all of us so any chance we got to take a break we took advantage of it and took a few laps around Stillwater to rock out. Last week alone I had three tests, six writing assignments, and to top it off 8 pomping hours to complete before the weekend.  We all decided that we would all take one night off for some much-needed girl time and watch movies and unwind with some vino. We got a few pomping hours in to be responsible, then we met some friends at McAlister’s for dinner, took a few laps around Stillwater listening to our favorite songs, then headed back to watch the two movies we rented from Family Video. Caley insisted on renting Varsity Blues, the 1999 high school football classic about a an unlikely protagonist who becomes a hero of the story and saves the day. Emily nor I had seen it before so we were instantly hooked once we started watching it. I of course fell asleep while watching the movie due to our couch being outrageously comforable. It was nice to sit and enjoy a few hours of relaxation with our friends. Needless to say girls night was a success and we all were able to relax and distress for the week. Food, friends, wine, and a movie- it can’t get much better!

Yesterday I looked at my planner and saw that I don’t have a test or paper due for the next two weeks…can’t wait to see what excitement #302 will bring!!! Ciao!

Parent’s Weekend


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Mom, Teddy (left), Eddy (right) and Me at Kappa Delta Dad's Day

Kappa Delta Dad's Day 2011

Stillwater was hustling and bustling with more visitors than usual this weekend, due to all the relatives in town for “Parents weekend” at the university. 302 of course felt the effects of this event, with Emily’s, Caley’s and my parents all in town to enjoy the festivities. Caley’s parents, Rickey and Tammy drove in Saturday from her hometown and brought with them many relatives who would be attending the football game, and Emily’s parents who came Friday but stayed at the Microtel. Lucky for me my parents stationed right here at 302, bringing with them a full carload of goodies and “the boys,” my dogs Teddy and Eddy. In order to understand the importance of their journey you must know a few things about “the boys.”

The dogs are like family members to us; they go everywhere we go, literally. Tommy, my step dad goes to such extreme measures as to taking them for the “hood lap,” which is a lap around the neighborhood each day, and designating an hour each evening to “squeaky time.” In this hour Tommy sits in a rocking chair on the patio with a cocktail in hand and plays catch with our youngest dog, Eddy. Even though Eddy is two-years-old he is still very much so a puppy. My parents joke and call him Eddy-Marley, since he mimics the actions of Marley off of the movie Marley and Me. Teddy on the other hand is very regal and serious, while Eddy is enjoying his squeaky time Teddy is on patrol for bunnies and squirrels. He goes ballistic any time he sees one of them in his yard. Needless to say our dogs are quite pampered and loved.

As my parents arrive and begin their “move in” for the weekend, Teddy and Eddy quickly made themselves at home here at 302. In less than five minutes of their arrival they had their toys spread everywhere and their bed all set up in my room, which by the way they refuse to sleep in. They greeted all of the other visitors and begin to familiarize themselves with their surroundings. I remained alert and watched out for our crazy landlord who is anti-pets and would freak if she saw them even on our premises. She would rather us throw the biggest party on campus than own a pet of any size. I think we were able to successfully fly under the radar this weekend; so far I am not kicked out!

In all it was a good weekend for 302, we all enjoyed the company of our families and cherished the time we got to spend with them. Not too rowdy of a weekend for 302 but it was good to have a laid back weekend. Stay tuned for next week’s post we will be adventuring down to Austin, Texas for the OSU-UT game! Ciao!

A Week Long Celebration


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Centerpiece idea found on Pinterest.com
Devil’s Food Cupcakes- photo curtsey of Caley
Emily applying the first coat of paint

Well Emily’s 21st has come and past like a whirlwind! The celebration lasted an entire week, which is awesome if it’s your own birthday. As for Caley and me; (an I think I can speak on behalf of both of us) we are glad she enjoyed it but thrilled that it is over. All week we were busy sneaking around trying to keep our surprises a secret from Em, and it wasn’t an easy task to accomplish. The three of us pretty much go everywhere with one another so trying to un-include Emily was just about as hard as trying to hide an elephant. But somehow we managed to push through all the speed bumps and pull off a successful birthday week!

We were planning a big birthday party for Friday so that meant preparation was in order, baking, balloons, cleaning- the whole bit! We wanted our first “official” party to knock the socks off our guests so we really went all out. I crafted a signature “Emily’s 21st” playlist just for the party along with a wonderful centerpiece Caley found on Pinterest.com (featured above). We slaved away in the kitchen on Friday baking goods for the party, which by the looks of the empty plates I can assume were a hit! I found a recipe while browsing Pinterest for Almond Cookies that are simple and quick to make from scratch, so I whipped up a batch and put them out for the guests to enjoy. We began to wonder what our guests would do at the party and realized that no “college party” is complete without a beer pong table. So of course we crafted one out of some plywood we purchased at Lowe’s and painted it what was supposed to be red (featured above). The table was a success, all of the guests enjoyed the prop, some a little more than others! 😉

All in all we had a great week, and I am glad that through all of the sneaking around we managed to pull it off. I couldn’t ask for a better group of best friends or roommates, no matter what we do we always have a good time with each other, I am truly blessed!

Mister Fix-It



Tailgating with our main man Cord

Cord hard at work-what a trooper!

Caley all ready for family dinner

Caley all ready for family dinner!

Meet Cord, he is our official light bulb-changer, door fixer, plumber and exterminator and just about whatever else we need him for. Cord is Caley’s cousin by marriage and one of the sweetest guys I have ever met. He is like the big brother I never had, he is always willing to help us with anything we may need, and this is more often than not.

Within the first week of living at 302 Cord had to set up rat traps, change our porch light bulb and fix out back porch light, each time as gracious as the last. In return for all of his hard work we have “family dinners.” These consist of me cooking dinner for all of us and sitting down with music and wine (beer for Cord) and eating dinner together. Cord also enjoys cooking as I do so he made us shrimp broil one week and boy was it delicious. The house smelt like fish for a week but it was sure worth it!  And to go along with his wicked cooking skills Cord is an excellent two-step partner and teacher. Bless his little heart he has had to teach Emily and I numerous times the correct way to two-step (apparently I have no rhythm). He is quite the country boy, he hunts, fishes, and works on his parents barn. He even promised to take me coyote hunting, which I will hold him to!

Needless to say without our wonderful handy-dandy fix it man, Cord, 302 just wouldn’t run the same! He rocks!!!

Maiden Blog


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FIJI-Chi-O 1st Place Housedeck 2010

So excited for our second trash can!

Greetings! I am so excited to start blogging about #302 so much has already happened it would be impossible to tell it all, but let me just catch everyone up to speed. We are approaching our 5th week of school here at OSU, which means we are stuck in the middle of homecoming. For those of you unaware, Oklahoma State has one of the biggest homecoming celebrations of any college & we are proud of it! Fortunately us Greeks are blessed with the wonderful task of pomping (see above picture for representation) for 9 weeks. Some could say it consumes our lives, but who’s complaining? Definitely not Caley or I! Emily our roommate adores homecoming thus the reason why she is a director and never around #302 during the week. So it is up to me and Caley to hold down the fort. I think in order to properly describe how this goes you will need to know a few series of events that have taken place so far.

1. The Mouse Trap

Mice, some people purchase them at a pet store to entertain their children who will lose interest in the thing within a week. Caley would be one of those weird kids, me on the other hand sure as hell wouldn’t touch one with a five foot stick. Oh but #302 would throw me a curve ball in the first week living here. One night we were all getting ready to go out and my friend Arden and I were sitting at our kitchen table when she screams “oh ____ there’s a mouse” in less than a second I am all fours up on my chair screaming so loud that I would soon be missing my voice. Caley is of course unfazed by this news and proceeds to look for it and claims “she will take care of it.” Three days pass by and I walk in after chapter and see one running across our kitchen baseboard! That was more than I could handle so we called in re-enforcements, two Lambda Chi’s we knew we could count on, Alex and Cody. They roll in with 2 Wal-Mart bags full of mousetraps and begin to seize the source. Their home traps didn’t quite work so I called an exterminator to end this once and for all, and I am proud to say that we are mouse free, at least I hope!

2. The Big Dump

“Trash day is Thursday, or wait maybe Friday?” This is not a good thing to be wondering when you produce as much trash as #302 does. I don’t know how we do it but us three girls are quite trashy, enough to the point where we had to order a second trash can for the house, which I was so excited about, honestly. One Thursday morning (the official trash day) at the crack of dawn, I hear the trash man rolling by and it dawns on me, “oh crap our trash isn’t put out.” I jump out of bed and run out to roll the (at this time) one trash can out to the curb hoping that he will make another lap around. Just my luck he doesn’t, so we are going on our second week without having our trash picked up and we can’t risk them not taking it again because it doesn’t close all the way (stupid rule, I know). Caley and I load up her explorer with a few bags of trash and we proceed to do a drive by and dump our trash at partially owned Kappa Delta dumpster. As we chunk it all out on lookers are quite curious, so we high tailed it out of there. We called up Rickey our main man (Caley’s dad) and he ordered us a SECOND trashcan, I was so thrilled I even posted picture to Facebook. It’s the little things in life!

I could go on forever about the ridiculous things that have happened so far here at #302 but patience is virtue. Stay tuned for more crazy stories about #302, this week is Emily’s 21st- that ought to be fun! Ciao!