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FIJI-Chi-O 1st Place Housedeck 2010

So excited for our second trash can!

Greetings! I am so excited to start blogging about #302 so much has already happened it would be impossible to tell it all, but let me just catch everyone up to speed. We are approaching our 5th week of school here at OSU, which means we are stuck in the middle of homecoming. For those of you unaware, Oklahoma State has one of the biggest homecoming celebrations of any college & we are proud of it! Fortunately us Greeks are blessed with the wonderful task of pomping (see above picture for representation) for 9 weeks. Some could say it consumes our lives, but who’s complaining? Definitely not Caley or I! Emily our roommate adores homecoming thus the reason why she is a director and never around #302 during the week. So it is up to me and Caley to hold down the fort. I think in order to properly describe how this goes you will need to know a few series of events that have taken place so far.

1. The Mouse Trap

Mice, some people purchase them at a pet store to entertain their children who will lose interest in the thing within a week. Caley would be one of those weird kids, me on the other hand sure as hell wouldn’t touch one with a five foot stick. Oh but #302 would throw me a curve ball in the first week living here. One night we were all getting ready to go out and my friend Arden and I were sitting at our kitchen table when she screams “oh ____ there’s a mouse” in less than a second I am all fours up on my chair screaming so loud that I would soon be missing my voice. Caley is of course unfazed by this news and proceeds to look for it and claims “she will take care of it.” Three days pass by and I walk in after chapter and see one running across our kitchen baseboard! That was more than I could handle so we called in re-enforcements, two Lambda Chi’s we knew we could count on, Alex and Cody. They roll in with 2 Wal-Mart bags full of mousetraps and begin to seize the source. Their home traps didn’t quite work so I called an exterminator to end this once and for all, and I am proud to say that we are mouse free, at least I hope!

2. The Big Dump

“Trash day is Thursday, or wait maybe Friday?” This is not a good thing to be wondering when you produce as much trash as #302 does. I don’t know how we do it but us three girls are quite trashy, enough to the point where we had to order a second trash can for the house, which I was so excited about, honestly. One Thursday morning (the official trash day) at the crack of dawn, I hear the trash man rolling by and it dawns on me, “oh crap our trash isn’t put out.” I jump out of bed and run out to roll the (at this time) one trash can out to the curb hoping that he will make another lap around. Just my luck he doesn’t, so we are going on our second week without having our trash picked up and we can’t risk them not taking it again because it doesn’t close all the way (stupid rule, I know). Caley and I load up her explorer with a few bags of trash and we proceed to do a drive by and dump our trash at partially owned Kappa Delta dumpster. As we chunk it all out on lookers are quite curious, so we high tailed it out of there. We called up Rickey our main man (Caley’s dad) and he ordered us a SECOND trashcan, I was so thrilled I even posted picture to Facebook. It’s the little things in life!

I could go on forever about the ridiculous things that have happened so far here at #302 but patience is virtue. Stay tuned for more crazy stories about #302, this week is Emily’s 21st- that ought to be fun! Ciao!