Tailgating with our main man Cord

Cord hard at work-what a trooper!

Caley all ready for family dinner

Caley all ready for family dinner!

Meet Cord, he is our official light bulb-changer, door fixer, plumber and exterminator and just about whatever else we need him for. Cord is Caley’s cousin by marriage and one of the sweetest guys I have ever met. He is like the big brother I never had, he is always willing to help us with anything we may need, and this is more often than not.

Within the first week of living at 302 Cord had to set up rat traps, change our porch light bulb and fix out back porch light, each time as gracious as the last. In return for all of his hard work we have “family dinners.” These consist of me cooking dinner for all of us and sitting down with music and wine (beer for Cord) and eating dinner together. Cord also enjoys cooking as I do so he made us shrimp broil one week and boy was it delicious. The house smelt like fish for a week but it was sure worth it!  And to go along with his wicked cooking skills Cord is an excellent two-step partner and teacher. Bless his little heart he has had to teach Emily and I numerous times the correct way to two-step (apparently I have no rhythm). He is quite the country boy, he hunts, fishes, and works on his parents barn. He even promised to take me coyote hunting, which I will hold him to!

Needless to say without our wonderful handy-dandy fix it man, Cord, 302 just wouldn’t run the same! He rocks!!!