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Centerpiece idea found on Pinterest.com
Devil’s Food Cupcakes- photo curtsey of Caley
Emily applying the first coat of paint

Well Emily’s 21st has come and past like a whirlwind! The celebration lasted an entire week, which is awesome if it’s your own birthday. As for Caley and me; (an I think I can speak on behalf of both of us) we are glad she enjoyed it but thrilled that it is over. All week we were busy sneaking around trying to keep our surprises a secret from Em, and it wasn’t an easy task to accomplish. The three of us pretty much go everywhere with one another so trying to un-include Emily was just about as hard as trying to hide an elephant. But somehow we managed to push through all the speed bumps and pull off a successful birthday week!

We were planning a big birthday party for Friday so that meant preparation was in order, baking, balloons, cleaning- the whole bit! We wanted our first “official” party to knock the socks off our guests so we really went all out. I crafted a signature “Emily’s 21st” playlist just for the party along with a wonderful centerpiece Caley found on Pinterest.com (featured above). We slaved away in the kitchen on Friday baking goods for the party, which by the looks of the empty plates I can assume were a hit! I found a recipe while browsing Pinterest for Almond Cookies that are simple and quick to make from scratch, so I whipped up a batch and put them out for the guests to enjoy. We began to wonder what our guests would do at the party and realized that no “college party” is complete without a beer pong table. So of course we crafted one out of some plywood we purchased at Lowe’s and painted it what was supposed to be red (featured above). The table was a success, all of the guests enjoyed the prop, some a little more than others! 😉

All in all we had a great week, and I am glad that through all of the sneaking around we managed to pull it off. I couldn’t ask for a better group of best friends or roommates, no matter what we do we always have a good time with each other, I am truly blessed!