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Mom, Teddy (left), Eddy (right) and Me at Kappa Delta Dad's Day

Kappa Delta Dad's Day 2011

Stillwater was hustling and bustling with more visitors than usual this weekend, due to all the relatives in town for “Parents weekend” at the university. 302 of course felt the effects of this event, with Emily’s, Caley’s and my parents all in town to enjoy the festivities. Caley’s parents, Rickey and Tammy drove in Saturday from her hometown and brought with them many relatives who would be attending the football game, and Emily’s parents who came Friday but stayed at the Microtel. Lucky for me my parents stationed right here at 302, bringing with them a full carload of goodies and “the boys,” my dogs Teddy and Eddy. In order to understand the importance of their journey you must know a few things about “the boys.”

The dogs are like family members to us; they go everywhere we go, literally. Tommy, my step dad goes to such extreme measures as to taking them for the “hood lap,” which is a lap around the neighborhood each day, and designating an hour each evening to “squeaky time.” In this hour Tommy sits in a rocking chair on the patio with a cocktail in hand and plays catch with our youngest dog, Eddy. Even though Eddy is two-years-old he is still very much so a puppy. My parents joke and call him Eddy-Marley, since he mimics the actions of Marley off of the movie Marley and Me. Teddy on the other hand is very regal and serious, while Eddy is enjoying his squeaky time Teddy is on patrol for bunnies and squirrels. He goes ballistic any time he sees one of them in his yard. Needless to say our dogs are quite pampered and loved.

As my parents arrive and begin their “move in” for the weekend, Teddy and Eddy quickly made themselves at home here at 302. In less than five minutes of their arrival they had their toys spread everywhere and their bed all set up in my room, which by the way they refuse to sleep in. They greeted all of the other visitors and begin to familiarize themselves with their surroundings. I remained alert and watched out for our crazy landlord who is anti-pets and would freak if she saw them even on our premises. She would rather us throw the biggest party on campus than own a pet of any size. I think we were able to successfully fly under the radar this weekend; so far I am not kicked out!

In all it was a good weekend for 302, we all enjoyed the company of our families and cherished the time we got to spend with them. Not too rowdy of a weekend for 302 but it was good to have a laid back weekend. Stay tuned for next week’s post we will be adventuring down to Austin, Texas for the OSU-UT game! Ciao!