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One of my roommates and my favorite things to do together is to drive around Stillwater blaring our favorite songs, while singing at the top of our lungs. We have recently become obsessed with country singer Jason Aldean’s hit song, “This I Gotta see.” The song is about a guy who is going through country towns and back roads to see his girl and how he can’t wait to see her sitting on the porch with a sweet tea in his sweatshirt. It seems like such a sweet idea and shows the simplicity of country life, this inspired us to take a step back from our busy schedules and enjoy the simplicity of a relaxing evening.

Last week was so busy for all of us so any chance we got to take a break we took advantage of it and took a few laps around Stillwater to rock out. Last week alone I had three tests, six writing assignments, and to top it off 8 pomping hours to complete before the weekend.  We all decided that we would all take one night off for some much-needed girl time and watch movies and unwind with some vino. We got a few pomping hours in to be responsible, then we met some friends at McAlister’s for dinner, took a few laps around Stillwater listening to our favorite songs, then headed back to watch the two movies we rented from Family Video. Caley insisted on renting Varsity Blues, the 1999 high school football classic about a an unlikely protagonist who becomes a hero of the story and saves the day. Emily nor I had seen it before so we were instantly hooked once we started watching it. I of course fell asleep while watching the movie due to our couch being outrageously comforable. It was nice to sit and enjoy a few hours of relaxation with our friends. Needless to say girls night was a success and we all were able to relax and distress for the week. Food, friends, wine, and a movie- it can’t get much better!

Yesterday I looked at my planner and saw that I don’t have a test or paper due for the next two weeks…can’t wait to see what excitement #302 will bring!!! Ciao!