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Caley working diligently on the sign!

Girls cheering on the team during football frenzy!

Homecoming is slowly approaching and it’s time to add the finishing touches. It’s a week away from the nation’s biggest homecoming celebration and a lot is yet to be done! This weekend part of the festivities began for the Greek life category. Football frenzy is a flag football tournament where all of the participating Greek houses team up with their HoCo house and play for the title. We really want to win sweepstakes this year so making it far into football frenzy is a big deal. Spirit points are also taken into account in the total of sweepstakes, so I decided to volunteer to help out with spirit ideas. I was a cheerleader for 15 years so this sort of stuff is right up my alley. Caley and I both former cheerleaders came up with a lot of great plans, we decided we would make a run-through banner for the team to parade through before the games started. Little had we forgotten how long it takes to craft out a decent banner, luckily we were getting pomping hours for the time we spent working on the sign. Six hours later we had our finished product.

We decided to spice things up for football frenzy, we really wanted to do something that would get us noticed, one sure way is jock-jams and a boom box. It was such a hit, everyone was pumped up even the players. We had all of the oldies like “the Macarena” and “YMCA.” The Kappa Delta’s rolled out for the event, I think it’s safe to say we were the most spirited all weekend- but of course I am partial! It’s a big week next week, so much to do and to wrap up. Can’t wait to experience the greatest homecoming in the nation! Go Pokes!!!