The leaning fence!

Our newest edition!

With over 80,000 people in town for the homecoming festivities, there seems to be a lot of people roaming around the town-drunk people that is. On the Friday night of homecoming somehow our precious little white picket fence got “pushed” over and was lying flat in our side yard. I was abruptly woken up the next morning by Emily busting into my room telling me all about the mishap. Of course the first thing my roommates would both think is someone was trying to break in. For those of you who don’t know Emily and Caley by now, let me just describe to you that they are probably the biggest “scardey cats” I have ever met. They both get freaked out every night when going to sleep, Emily insists on checking her closet each evening for bad guys, and Caley makes me look out her windows to make sure no one is looking in. About 70% of the time they both end up sleeping together just to be sure they are safe, as I lie in my room, which may I add is the most vulnerable room in the house.

After a night of post homecoming fun we all woke up on Sunday morning to a big surprise. A windowpane on our screened in porch was pulled out and mysteriously our walls were covered in Dr. Pepper. When I say covered I mean someone went Indy 500 on those bad boys, Dr. Pepper was in every crack and cervices of our kitchen and sprayed over the entity of our living room walls. Naturally Emily and Caley are instantly freaked out and calling the police to report a potential break in. After telling the not-so-helpful-cop about the weird incident the girls were on their phones with their parents making them go into panic mode. I still thought there was a logical explanation for all of this decided to let it slide and not be affected by it. So the week starts and I think that all has been forgotten, boy was I in for a rude of awakening.

After an exhausting day of school and being on campus from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. last Thursday, I was ready to come home and start my weekend by relaxing. Little did I know that as soon as I walked in the door I would be bombarded with the installment- of the alarm system that is. I was instantly greeted by workers drilling and configuring the alarm system, and lucky me the central hub is right outside my bedroom so a nap was not in my future.  Once installed we got the complete run down of how it all works, let’s just say I don’t use it too often (too many buttons).

All in all I am glad that the girls have gotten some piece of mind since the installment of our newest addition to 302. I can honestly say I feel safer at night with it on, granted I am more afraid of the thing going off than I am of an actual burglar trying to break in! I guess I will just have to deal with it, oh the joys of 302…got to love it!