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Us being silly!

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Kappa Delta every two years has an official visit from someone from nationals, luckily my pledge class will have gotten two in our years here at OSU, which most people would complain about but I for some reason enjoy the official visit exam. It forces us to become reacquainted with ritual information and the principles of which kappa delta was founded. As a new member we are required to take a new member test and pass in order to be initiated, so it’s easy to remember all of the information you once had memorized. A few weeks ago we had an official visit exam review and it was evident from the practice that no one was ready, including the newly initiated freshmen. This was very disappointing to the older members, so 302 decided to hold a review session for our pledge class.

We wanted our pledge class to blow away the KD from nationals, since it was obvious from the practice no one else would be. The night was planned, wine of course was a must for this review session, I sent out a few tweets and posted in our pledge class Facebook about the event at 302. We had so much fun I tried to lead the review and for the most part we did get a little bit accomplished, but we kept getting off on tangents. It had been so long since we had all gotten together to hangout, so it was nice to catch up with everyone and bond once again. We drank wine and played games all night, and the laughs were plentiful and never stopped. I would say all in all it was a successful evening!

The official visit exam rolled around last Monday and we rocked it, the younger pledge classes surprised me and were on their toes. We got a perfect score and nothing but positive feedback from Meredith (KD from nationals). The good news is there wont be another official visit for another two years, so the upperclassmen are home free!