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The works of a great German chocolate cupcake!

Christmas is by far our FAVORITE holiday here at 302, so we go a little over board. It is the week before thanksgiving and we have already made a Christmas CD for the car and hit up our favorite seasonal decorative store Hobby Lobby. The date is set to put up all the decorations and we couldn’t be more excited!

Caley has even started her holiday baking, this week she decided to practice her cupcake baking skills. She started out with a German chocolate cupcake; the first batch was only a minor set back. After a quick run to the store she was back in the baking game, busy at work in the kitchen. I would have loved to be in there right next to her but unfortunately I had to watch from a far as I slaved away on my paper. A word to the wise, don’t ever write a 14-page paper over the Israel-Palestinian conflict, it’s painful.

This weekend we are gearing up again for some high school “hondo” action in good old Seminole, Oklahoma. Caley’s alma matter is in the state playoffs and we will be there for front row action. I can’t wait to back road, shoot skeet and have some small town fun with my favorite ladies! Stay tuned for next week my step-dad is having knee surgery, so I will be at his beckoning call all Thanksgiving! Say some prayers!